summer 2023 show

Thin Ice 26x21

Pageant of the Crumps on Melon 25x21

Community Garden 24x30

Fesenjoon 25x22

Perfect Story 29x23

Pageant of the Crumbs on Yellow 30x26

January February June or July 16x29

Flat Out 30x30

Jerez 25x21

Pageant of the Crumbs on Violet 31x27

Julius 33x27

Harry 21x17

Harry (vertical) 21x17

Second Chance 33x28

La Reina Raquel 26x22

Vrej 30x24

May Mei 16x20

Cara Cara 25x21

Cara Cara (vertical 2) 25x21

Playing By Ear 38x23

Gala 28x17

Paint & Air Denver